Privacy Policy

This policy aims to stipulate the privacy policy in the use of e-commerce related services (hereinafter referred to as “services”) provided by Korean Home Shopping in California, United States (hereinafter referred to as “Mall”). The personal information protection policy is a regulation on the purpose of collecting personal information to protect the personal information of customers and the policy and systemic security of the information. This is designed to ensure the basic privacy and freedom of customers and confidentiality of communication, and to prevent human rights damage caused by illegal eavesdropping and information leakage. The privacy policy is subject to change according to changes in government laws and guidelines, so please check the contents frequently when visiting the site.
    1. Purpose and use of personal information collection
      The shopping mall may use the member's information for the purpose of providing a wider variety of information services and related benefits such as internet shopping and membership cards to members. We collect the minimum information necessary for members to use the service. All information provided by the member is not used for purposes other than those required for the above purposes, and if the scope of the collected information, the purpose of use, or the purpose of use changes, we will always ask the member for prior consent.

    2. Personal information collection items and retention and use period
      Member information provided to provide services includes name, phone number, ID, password, and e-mail address. While you receive the service, your personal information will be retained and used to provide the service. However, in the case of requesting withdrawal according to the procedure expressed in the Terms of Use or limiting or suspending membership due to the stated reason for loss of membership, the personal information will be deleted by a technical method that cannot be reproduced and viewed for any purpose. Or it is treated so that it cannot be used.

    3. Provision and sharing of personal information
      In principle, we do not disclose your personal information to other companies or organizations that are not related to the service. However, if the member agrees to the disclosure, or if it is determined that personal information must be disclosed to take legal action against a person who violates the terms of use or has used the service to harm others or commit an illegal act that harms public morals Exceptions are made.

    4. Personal information access, correction, and withdrawal

      Members can request to view, correct, or delete the personal information provided at any time. Withdrawal of consent to personal information will be immediately deleted through the identity verification process by contacting the operator's e-mail customer center, and your personal information will be processed so that it cannot be reproduced or used for any reason or method.

    5. Personal ID and password management

      In principle, the ID and password you are using are intended to be used only by you. If there is no intention or negligence, we are not responsible for any problems caused by theft of your ID and password or the use of others. In any case, please do not disclose your password to others, and take special care to prevent personal information from leaking to other people around you while logged on.

    6. Email collection rejection

      Please note that we refuse unauthorized collection of e-mail addresses posted on this website using e-mail collection programs or other technical devices, and violations of this may result in criminal charges.

    7. Google Analytics Tool Analytics

      Shopping malls may use Google Analytics Tool Analytics to help analyze your site visit patterns. This tool creates small text files called'cookies' on the visitor's computer, collecting standard internet log information and visitor behavior information anonymously. The information collected is used to evaluate visitors' use of the website and to generate statistical reports on the activity of the shopping mall site.

      In no case does the shopping mall use statistical analysis tools to track or collect personally identifiable information about visitors to the site (and do not allow tracking/collection activities to third parties). Google does not associate the IP addresses we collect with other data we collect.

      The shopping mall and Google are not affiliated and are not affiliated with IP addresses to identify computer users. Unless the information is officially submitted through the website's input form, the shopping mall does not relate to personally identifiable information with any data collected on this site.

(1) Shopping malls may use Google Analytics to collect Google interest-based advertising or audience data (e.g. age, gender, and interests).
(2) The shopping mall uses the Google Analytics function implemented based on Google Display ads.
(3) If you do not want to collect and use your own data, you can opt out of Google Analytics or customize Display Network ads using Google Ads Settings.
(4) The shopping mall may proceed from time to time without prior notice if it is necessary to update the Google Analytics function.